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Shane Marine Services

SHANE MARINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is engaged in Business of Technical Ship Management. SHANE MARINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is a Company which is recognized as one of the leading professional and progressive ship management companies in the world today and is responsible to its Principals for the cost effectiveness and high quality management of the vessels.

Our objective is dedicated to providing the customer, safe, economical and environmentally sound services which meet the agreed specifications perpetually. In order to achieve its objectives and to provide and maintain the highest standards of effective and efficient ship management the company has technical staff, ashore and afloat, with the requisite qualifications and expertise to accomplish the desired objectives.

SMSPL understands that in order to aim for the same goal every individual in the Organization who partake as a team should have the benefit of knowing what they are working for as well as to know what their objectives are.

SMSPL recognizes a fundamental duty to conduct its business in a socially, environmentally and economically responsible manner, which fosters safe and ethical behaviour in the use of its assets.

The Company is in business to provide high standards of comprehensive, commercial and technical management services through the relentless pursuit of improvement in safety and quality, which are the integral parts of SMSPL's policy and with the successful implementation of which the Company will ensure that life, property and environment are not jeopardized,

The Company's policies and procedures have been adopted to suit the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standards.

The Company's commitment to quality will be maintained by the management and senior executives who will ensure the Company's policy is carried through to

  • Promote each individual's personal involvement in maintaining high quality standards.
  • Ensure all necessary procedures and work instructions are available, operative and effective.
  • Identify, report and record any nonconformity and take the necessary corrective action.
  • Continually review the quality management system to ensure that it reflects the Company requirements

Our Tankers Policy

It is SHANE MARINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED policy to provide a healthy and safe working environment, to maintain a pollution-free operating practices and satisfy customers’ requirements. It can be achieved through the continuous improvement and the effectiveness of then the SMSPL policy, the competency improvement of all involved personnel (both on board and ashore), the compliance with all applicable national and international requirements and the conformance with the relevant ISO and Shipping Industry standards, as well.

The Company objectives are to:
Aim To
Achieve By
The Company aims to achieve these objectives by:

The Company aims to avoid reoccurrence of undesired events by promoting a ‘Pro-Active’ culture among shore based and shipboard personnel. High value is given to human resources and well-being, therefore attention is always paid to selection and career development of employees. The Company will always ensure that the shore and ship personnel are competent, experienced, fit for duty and adequately trained. Recognizing that alcohol and drug misuse may hinder personnel from performing their duties safely, the possession, sale and consumption of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited. The Company is therefore committed to discourage any abuse in this respect and to monitor the results of such efforts.

Strive To
Do Better

Innovation and Sustainability Sustainable Maritime Transportation

Organization And Governance

In the maritime transportation sector, when we introduce the concepts of innovation and environmental sustainability in the phases of design and logistical organization of services, we do so within the framework of: technology, organizational structure and governance. For Shane Marine Services Private Limited, innovation means positive change in terms of: Opportunities derived from new technology. Organizational improvements derived from knowledge and data sharing, (both internally and with other companies operating in our industry). Social, cultural, and business innovation, such as the green initiatives so fundamental to our service planning.

The Transportation

The transportation industry has always been characterized by the fast development of new technologies and the necessary innovations that result from it. Today we have all this in addition to advanced telecommunication networks that allow us to coordinate and monitor the transportation and flow of goods like never before.


Sustainability is a key driver of innovation and forces us to constantly reevaluate and evolve the models we use. Because green operations are key to remaining competitive, we embrace the changes that arise due to improvements in technology and continually adjust our processes to better serve our clients and the environmen